Making Waco Men Better Since 1852

Leadership in Masonry by Chris Livingston

The week before the May meeting, Waco Lodge officers hosted a Masonic Fellowship outing at Balcones Distillery. There was live music, fun, and the brothers and their ladies generally had a good time. Some even took unnecessary photos of the poor lodge secretary attempting to enjoy the music.

At the May Stated Meeting, we enjoyed a visit from Brother Chris Livingston, a past master of several lodges, including the Texas Lodge of Research. Brother Livingston provided an exciting presentation about the “Hidden Masonic Secrets of Leadership.” Using quotes from important leaders in Masonic or general history as well as reflections upon good organizational practices, he effectively highlight key qualities of leadership that apply to all men, but especially Masons.

Brother Livingston’s presentation really seemed to strike a chord with our lodge membership. The officers especially remained abuzz for weeks. Though the fraternity often speaks to leadership qualities and inherently includes lessons to cultivate them, it appears that a greater emphasis on directly and openly studying various types of leadership and when to best employ each method would be a good mission for any lodge.

After the meeting, several brothers and visitors gathered on the lodge porch for fellowship. Reflection upon the night’s lessons of leadership, entertaining stories, and quality cigars provided by Brother Jason Attas took us into the evening.


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