Charter Members of Waco 92

The Birth of Waco 92

The first meeting of masons in Waco was held before it was a city. It was January 1851. There was a two-story log structure on Bridge Street owned by William B. Walker and James Toole. It was the only two story building in Waco for several years and served as our meeting place for our first five years. At that initial meeting, those assembled decided to petition Springfield Lodge No. 74 in Springfield, Texas about fifty miles east of Waco. The names on the petition: N.W. Battle, Claiborne Varner, Robert S. Hulme, William B. Walker, John R. Harris, George B. Erath, and George W. Edwards with Hulme, Walker, and Varner listed as Worshipful Master elect, Senior Warden elect, and Junior Warden elect respectively.

Springfield Lodge approved the petition on February 11, 1851 and passed it on to the Grand Lodge in Houston where dispensation was granted on August 1, 1851. The charter was signed Grand Master W.B. Ochiltree and Grand Secretary A.J. Ruthven. At that time, our name was Bosque Lodge and so it remained until Joseph Speight convinced the brothers to change our name to Waco a few years later.

The first official report of a meeting of our lodge was on December 27, 1951 with members from the above list serving as officers. J.W. Nowlin was our first Secretary in that report. George Erath was our first Treasurer and George W. Edwards was our Tiler. The report also shows a total of eight Master Masons, four Entered Apprentices, and three Fellow Crafts present. We do know that Shapley Ross was initiated at Waco Lodge that year so he was probably one of the Apprentices or Fellow Crafts left unnamed.

For reasons unknown, our actual charter was not delivered until later than our dispensation and so the official date thereon is January 23, 1852. Thus, we have celebrated this as our anniversary ever since. The names signed to our charter are below and those for whom we have information can be clicked so you can learn more about them.

Claiborne Varner

W.W. Crawford

Robert S. Hulme

Lamenton W. Cato(early Harris County Judge)

William B. Walker

James Toole

George B. Erath

J. M. Stephens

George Barnard

N.W. Battle

Hutson Peters

S. Cottrell (moved to Dallas and was killed by an unknown man via shotgun in March 1859)

Shapley P. Ross

John Jones

J.A. McMillin(first mayor of Waco in 1856, also Texas Ranger)

J.W. Nowlin

J.H. Gurley

Geo. E. Burney

L.F. Puckett

E.J. Gurley(Colonel, 30th Regiment of Texas in Civil War)

R.N. Goode

Asa White

B.D. Scott

G.W. Edwards

J.H. Pierson

Z.W. Dillard

J.F. Davis

J.R. Harris

J.C. Illingsworth (moved to Austin some time after 1855)

William T. Smith(Civil War veteran and possibly San Jacinto)

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