Cities Named After Our Members

The list of cities known to have taken their namesĀ from honor early members of Waco 92 is growing. Below is that list along with a map showing their locations.

Battle, Tx (Bro. N.W. Battle)

Burleson, Tx (Bro. Rufus Burleson)

Cee Vee, Tx (Bro. Claiborne Varner)

Downsville, Tx (Bro. J.W. Downs and his father WW Downs)

Erath, Tx (Bro. George Erath) this town was absorbed by China Spring

George’s Creek, Tx (Bro. George Barnard)

Granbury, Tx (Bro. Hiram Granbury)

Harrison, Tx (Bro. James E. Harrison)

Hutto, Tx (Bro. James E. Hutto)

Lacy-Lakeview, Tx (Bro. W.D. Lacy)

Massey, Tx (Bro. E.P. Massey) only the Bell Springs Cemetery remains today

Napier, Tx (Bro. James Napier Jr.)

Oglesby. Tx (Bro. William Oglesby)

Olive, Tx (Bro. SidĀ Olive) only a cemetery remains of this town

Ross, Tx (Bro. Sul Ross)

Sanger, Tx (Bro. Lehman Sanger)

Sedwick, Tx (Bro. John Francis Sedwick)

Steiner, Tx (Bro. Josephus Steiner, this Hill County town no longer exists but its valley does and bears the same name)

Stephenville, Tx (Bro. John Stephen)


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