Making Waco Men Better Since 1852

From Generation to Generation

Our lodge leader, Dave McHam, led a trip up IH35 last night to Cedar Hill Lodge #1380. He was accompanied by senior warden Tyson Holloway, secretary Robert Marshall, and our tyler Doug McHam who is Dave’s father. When Dave became a Mason, he inherited the gavel that was given by Cedar Hill Lodge to his grandfather, Oscar Bowles, at the end of Bowles’ term as master there 40 years ago. Last, Cedar Hill Lodge used that gavel to open and close their meeting. Three generations of one family were further cemented in Brotherly Love.

Cedar Hill Lodge’s meeting was quite full with few seats left open as they received their DDGM. The most striking thing about their lodgeroom was all the beautiful woodwork. Several years ago, a member of their lodge donated the cedar that now serves as their furniture. Even their gavels were quite unique. By the end of the night, Cedar Hill Lodge had decided to place the coin representing Dave’s year in the East here at Waco Lodge into the frame of his grandfather’s past master photo as a permanent representation of the now solemn ties between our lodges.

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