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April 2015 Lodge Newsletter

From the East – Ed Brown, WM

Waco 92 gives Scholarship and Lamar Medal

The stated meeting in March was a great event at Waco 92.  We were honored to have representatives from University High School to include our scholarship recipient, Ms. Tierra Talton as well as her teacher and recipient of the Lamar medal, Ms. Lori Palladino.

Ms Talton was selected from among several who applied and submitted an essay.   She has extensive experience an interest in working with youth and plans to continue her education at Sam Houston State University this fall.  We are glad that we can assist with a $500 donation from the lodge and, hopefully, an additional $500 matching grant from the Texas Masonic Charities Foundation.

We also presented the Lamar medal to one of her teachers, Ms Lori Palladino. Freemasons were instrumental in developing the education system in Texas during the period from which Texas was a republic to well after becoming a state.   The Lamar recognition is named for Mirabeau B. Lamar, the second president of the Republic of Texas and known as “the father of the Texas Public School System.”   Ms Palladino joins the list of other outstanding students and teachers who have contributed much to benefit public education.  I will long remember that night and am proud of the officers and members in making these selections.  A special thanks to JW Mark Brickhouse for chairing the selection committee.

Next month (at our April Stated meeting) we will continue our support to youth by receiving representatives from the two Masonic youth groups – DeMolay and Rainbow Girls.

I hope you can make the April meeting.  I know you will find the interaction with our Masonic youth worth your time.  We have asked each group to give a presentation.  This will be in open session so all family members as well as our EAs and FCs are invited to attend.  MASONRY IS ALIVE AND WELL AT WACO 92. .

From the Secretary’s Desk  –Tom Waden, Secretary

Spring is finally here.  With that in mind, at our April stated meeting, I will be laying out plans for a lodge clean up weekend. The lodge needs a cleaning inside and out. I have already talked with several members about this and they are willing to provide some of the materials that will be needed to help spruce up the lodge. Windows need cleaning. The carpets in the lodge need a good shampooing. The outside could use a good power wash. If you can help with any of this, please give me a call or drop me an email. The lodge email address is The lodge phone number is 254-772-1801.

A former member of Waco 92 is in the news once again. The Sons of Confederate Veterans honored Brother J. W. Speight by promoting him posthumously to Brigadier General on March 28, 2015. Brother Speight was the fourth Worshipful Master of Waco Masonic Lodge No. 92.  Brother Speight served in the Confederate States of America Army during the Civil War Between the States. While serving in in the CSA, he was also the Worshipful Master of Waco 92. Brother Speight was also instrumental in the early settling of Waco as a community.

We still have a handful of members that have not submitted their 2015 lodge dues. Those members should be receiving a Second Notice in the mail shortly. Please get your dues in so that you will not be suspended for non-payment of dues in June of this year.

I am happy to report that we do not have any deceased members reported for this month. If you know of any brother that is deceased but not reported, please let me know so that I can update my records. Hope to see everyone at lodge in April.

My Brother’s Keeper

In March, we also presented another $500 charity gift to Dr. Jimmy Dorrell of Mission Waco.  This is the second year we have given helped Mission Waco, last year to support orphans in Haiti but this year to directly support the needy and homeless in Waco.

Support our Charity Raffle

Please buy tickets or donate even if you are not interested in the prize.  100% of the net receipts will go to our charities and youth scholarships.   The more you give, the more we give to needy charities right here in our community.  Our ability to support our charities depends on our support.   Join us in giving.  Buy tickets or just donate!



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