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Ed Brown Receives Award

Ed Brown, the brother who taught me(and countless others) my work as well as many other lessons in Masonry and life received the Grand Master’s Medallion from Most Worshipful Stogner today. Ed is a pilot who has flown just about every plane model ever made, a meticulous perfectionist of Masonic ritual, and equally a legend in the world of Boy Scouts.

For me, Brother Brown also represents something that I believe is essential yet unfortunately rare in Masonry: the ability to maintain peace and harmony throughout rhetoric among those of opposing views. Brother Brown has very strong views and opinions on politics and religion(and pretty much everything else), but many times I have witnessed his ability to sit down with those of differing views, have a respectful yet passionate conversation or debate, and part ways with both parties having learned something about each other. He is a master of being able to have a healthy debate across aisles, expressing disagreement, and still concluding with a sense of having actually achieved healthy discourse.

Brother Brown was initiated as a Mason in Del Rio during the 70s and his extraordinary career with the Air Force soon caused him to be unable to pursue Masonic activities. This lasted for a while but eventually, he dove back in and has since been as active a Mason as I ever met.

It has been very inspiring to see our Grand Master Stogner recognizing outstanding Masons across the state this year and it is doubly cool to see him recognize one of ours from ‘ol 92.

Congratulations, Ed, on a much deserved recognition.

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