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WM’s July 2014 Message

I often hear Boy Scout adult volunteers say they serve because they want to “give back” in service to the organization in appreciation for what the organization gave them. I feel the same way about my new role as your Worshipful Master for 2014-2015. I appreciate the honor the members have bestowed on me, particularly considering Waco 92’s impressive history. It certainly humbles me to hold this position following in the footsteps of so many great leaders in our fraternity, community, and state. Our history is replete with members who were our city and county founding fathers (including four Grand Masters and three Texas governors) but in 2014, the most important Mason I could name is you! Our Grand Master, Jerry Martin, says this is the “year of you.” So you have my pledge and my commitment to fullfill my term with you in mind and I will not forget I was selected to serve you. It is my goal to work in the quarries in a way that I can “give back” to Masonry for the valuable lifelong lessons it has so generously given me.

Born in blue! All of us, from the youngest entered apprentice to the master in the east, began our Masonic journey in the blue lodge. While many of us sought more light in the appendant bodies, what brings us together, Brethren, is the bond of friendship, fellowship, and fraternity that has it’s roots in Masonic Lodge. From breaking bread together in our dining room to our ritualisitc and impressive ceremonies, we all can well remember the lessons taught us in the degrees and esoteric examinations. In Waco Lodge 92, that tradition has continued for over 162 years, making us the oldest organization in continuous existence in Waco.

I’m reminded of the story of an old couple riding down a dusty road in a pickup truck. The aging woman, looking at her husband behind the steering wheel said, “Sweetie, remember when we first started dating I sat right next to you on the seat?” The old man responded, “Yes I do, Dear, but I haven’t moved. I’m still sitting in the same place.” Well, Brethren, it’s time to come back home and take your seat. It’s my hope that this being the Masonic year of “you,” I will be able to look to the west and see you sitting in your place in your lodge. We have a great year planned with informative programs, planned activities and service to our community, and a renewed sense of fraternal brotherhood. You chose to join Waco 92 and we choose to have you regularly join us as our friend and brother. Please honor us with your presence at our next meeting.

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