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A Pilgrimage to Solomon’s Temple

At the December stated meeting of Waco Lodge, our newest member shared a presentation about his recent trip to Israel. The brethren and ladies in attendance were enthralled as he showed photos and told stories about his time in various cities there that are important to Masonry’s traditions as well as to his own Jewish heritage and that of various other religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The west wall of Jerusalem projected onto the west wall of our lodgeroom

Also at our December meeting was the reading of seven petitions for potential new members, updates about the upcoming Grand Lodge session and Waco Masonic Concert, and an invitation to join our lodge historian for a masonic presentation at the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame in 2020.

The brethren assembled convinced the secretary to sing a song in German and Worshipful Master Holloway read a poem titled, “Twas the Night Before Christmas at Ol’ 92.” Several guests were in attendance.

Worshipful Master Holloway with visiting past master Nolan Walker of Holloway Lodge

During the meeting, some of the lodge ladies and children decorated gingerbread men and even a gingerbread lodge was produced!

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