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Video: Why Become a Mason?

The Altar at Waco Lodge 92, where men become Masons


Ezekiel Bates Lodge #1870 in Massachusetts recently considered the question: Why would someone want to become a freemason today? The answer is not necessarily the same as it was fifty, one hundred, or even three hundred years ago when the first Grand Lodge took form. Freemasonry is an organic, ever-changing fraternity that fills voids in society that need filling. Those voids are always evolving and the goal should be for Freemasonry to evolve with them while maintaining its principle tenets. Ezekiel Bates Lodge made a very good video addressing exactly that:

Posted September 09, 2016


There has been some buzz around the lodge recently regarding a time capsule replaced last month in Massachusetts. Brothers Samuel Adams and Paul Revere had laid the cornerstone containing the time capsule in 1795 and there it laid until being opened last month. A specially dispensed group of brethren replaced the time capsule after discovering some coins, a medal honoring George Washington, and a silver plaque that were put inside by brothers who helped build our country and the fraternity as we know it today. To read more, click here.




Music figures prominently in the history of Waco 92. In 1914, our lodge was thriving near its peak of activity and held its first musical degree. For many years, Waco 92 performed such degrees and gained a widespread reputation. Brother masons traveled from all over to witness and take part in initiative ceremonies with musical accompaniment. Currently, we are endeavoring to reform the old music scores so that some local musicians can visit the lodge and demonstrate some of the old music later this year.


Here we have Brother Howie Damron, a musician, who took the time to write a song about his experience in Freemasonry. If you are a country music fan and a mason, you should enjoy this and you can find more of his music by clicking here.

Posted July 12, 2015



In light of Independence Day, take a moment and watch this video. In it, an impersonator of Past Grand Master Benjamin Franklin discusses freemasonry’s principle tenants.


Posted July 3, 2015

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