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Can You Be a Mason?

In 2014, Jerry Martin was serving as the Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas and on his request, a video series was produced that explains masonry and what is required to become a part of this tremendous fraternity. In it, Past Grand Master Elmer Murphy explains exactly what qualifies a man to become a Mason:

“The Masonic fraternity is unique. It only requires three things to be a Mason. You must have a belief in a Supreme Being. Now you may call him God. You may call him Allah. You may call him Jesus but that belief in that Supreme Being is absolutely necessary or you’re never permitted to be a Mason so the first cornerstone of Masonry is

  1. You must have a belief in a Supreme Being.

The second is, and some people consider this to be the most difficult, you must be a man of good character. When we’re trying to determine a man’s character, we’re trying to determine how he’s going to live his lifeĀ for the rest of his life whether he be 18 years old or 90 years old(we’ve had men that age join the fraternity). And we’re trying to find how a man has lived his life up to that moment. You visit his home. You meet his family. He refers you to other Masons he has known and you try to determine if he is a man of his word and his character’s really there.

2. You are a man of good character.

You then move to the next cornerstone. The third cornerstone, I consider the one that distinguishes this fraternity from all other organizations around the world knowing that this fraternity goes across every geographical boundary: oceans, mountains, borders. We are around the world. It is that we meet on the level. To me, that’s something that has to be heartfelt. The first thing when a man tells me he’s interested in being a Mason is I tell him about the need to believe in a Supreme Being, that he must profess his belief. I then tell him that he must be a man of good character but I explain to him what meeting on the level means.

3. We meet on the level.

What that means to me is that the moment that man petitions and for the remainder of his masonic career, we judge his actions by his character disregarding any kind of education, wealth, or whatever, and judge him solely on his character. That’s meeting on the level. And that’s the Masonic fraternity.”

-Past Grand Master Elmer Murphy

Now that you know what it takes to be a Mason, do you think you have what it takes? If so, follow this link and you can begin the process.


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