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Clarence Studer

Clarence Elmer Studer


Clarence Studer

Clarence Studer was born in Coleman on September 10, 1896. He grew up in school at Waco and then went to Allen Academy and Western Military Academy before joining the Army in March of 1918 at Camp MacArthur.

He was then transferred to Washington, D.C. for a couple years until he was honorably discharged in 1920. Studer then studied at Bradly Horology Institute for jewelers. Returning home to Waco, Studer built a business as a watch maker and jeweler with his father, who had spent his own youth working in a watch factory in Germany. The Studer business became so successful that it was the go-to jewelry store for masons across Texas. Studer was an avid bowler and known in the region as one of its best.

Working  on a watch- November 1939
Working on a watch- November 1939

As Master of the lodge in 1940-1, Studer guided Waco 92 to its first profitable year in almost ten years. His leadership saw 92 emerge from the Great Depression as strong and hopeful as ever. He was Worthy Patron of the Eastern Star Waco Chapter No. 7 in 1933. Clarence’s brother, L.E. Studer, preceded him as master of Waco 92 in 1924, making them the only two brothers to preside over our lodge.

In 1955, Clarence and Leonard closed Studer Jewelry after 60 years of operation. Its then-famous location would eventually become Treff’s Bar and Grill which helped launch the interest in Waco’s downtown development of the 2000s. Clarence felt that closing the business was the right thing to do after his doctors had begged him to slow down as a result of a couple of heart attacks. “We’re selling and getting out and that’s the story,” Clarence told the Waco News-Tribune. “Both of us might continue to do some watch work but we don’t know yet.” He would make up his mind soon enough as he began to run a smaller venture.  It was Waco’s first pick-up and delivery clock/watch repair service and he operated out of his home near Lake Waco. Clarence was a member of Lakewood Christian Church at the time of his death.

Studer repairs a clock at his home business in 1955
Studer repairs a clock at his home business in 1955

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