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Leonard Hightower

Leonard Aylmer Hightower



Leonard Hightower was born January 3, 1850 in Union County, Arkansas. His father was Dr. John Collingsworth Hightower, a renowned physician and active freemason. The Hightower family moved to Texas in 1864 and seems to have made Waco their home shortly thereafter. Leonard served as Secretary of Waco Masonic Lodge in 1873 but moved to Stephens County in 1876 where he was one of the first residents of the now forgotten town of Wayland. He then moved to Cisco in 1883. In the early history of Cisco, Mr. Hightower kept books for Park & Paterson and for Blake & Son.

He then established himself as a prominent real estate and abstract businessman in Eastland County by 1895.

 He was married to Miss Callie Alford in the city of Fort Worth, April 24, 1881. Bro. Hightower died in 1910.