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James Hall

Dr. James Oscar Hall


J. O. Hall

President of Texas Dental Association
Vice-President of National Dentist Association
Pioneer Expert in Periodontitis and Gum Disease

Born September 19 in Russellville, Arkansas, James Hall acquired a degree from Baylor and then another one in dentistry from Vanderbilt. While at the latter, he received “The Founder’s Medal” which was presented annually to the student with the best grades. In fact, Hall’s 970 out of 1000 proved to be the best score in the history of the program.

Hall was a Fellow of the American College of Dentistry. He was known to be an avid fan of sports, especially golf which he played during national trips and often returned to Waco telling golf stories while correctly predicting that golf would enjoy great popularity in the years to come. Hall was involved at the Central Presbyterian Church of Waco where he oversaw the construction of a new

early photo from Hall's time at Vanderbilt
early photo from Hall’s time at Baylor

church building in the early 1920s. Hall’s wife was an accomplished pianist that enjoyed something of a celebrity status around Texas. His dentist office was located in the ALICO building.

While Hall was in the East in 1905, he oversaw the Lodge vote that authorized hiring a full-time nurse to care for sick members. He was very proud of this program.