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Giles Lester

Judge Giles Pinckney Lester


Giles P. Lester

Giles Lester was born December 7, 1887 in Maysfield. He came to Waco where he attended Toby’s Business College before graduating from Cumberland University with a law degree.

Giles served in the military and became a judge in 1914 and Justice of the Peace in 1915. He remained in judiciary positions for the next half century. In 1945, he became the Chief Justice of the 10th Court of Civil Appeals. In 1953, Lester was asked about his career and attitude towards the many kinds of people with whom he had dealt over the years:

“I found that there’s always some good in everybody, and if you just look hard enough, you’ll find it. It nearly always outweighs the bad.”

Lester was a prominent member of the Waco Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, and the Waco Boating and Fishing Club. His wife was a granddaughter of legendary Baylor, Waco, and Waco 92 pioneer Rufus Burleson.

Lester was a past master of 92 but also a past commander of Waco Commandery 10 and past potentate of Karem Shrine.

Judge Lester died in his sleep in 1953 and the Waco News Tribune mourned him:

“genial, gentle, shrew Giles Lester who lived by a philosophy of love towards all mankind. He died as he lived, quietly, and his death leaves a void in the community. As a judge at all levels, his poise and tranquility gave him  strength to use his keen mind more effectively. He earned a station of respect and trust which is an example to all who aspire to public office.”


Perhaps no better example can be given as to the worthiness of such praise than this: in all his years, Giles Lester never once lost an election.