Making Waco Men Better Since 1852

George E. Burney

George E. Burney


Charter Member of Waco 92

George Ewing Burney was born August 15, 1814 in Robertson County, Tennessee, and traveled around until he made his way to Cameron, Texas in 1847.

He was elected to the Texas Legislature one year later and beginning in 1849, he introduced the bills that established McLennan, Bosque, Bell and Falls Counties.

He presented bills for charters of the Waco Suspension Bridge, the Waco Tap Railroad and the Waco Manufacturing Company in which he was president. All three of these would prove to make Waco a prosperous young community.

He settled in Waco in 1850, and was elected to the 5th Legislature from the Waco district. He served in the Texas Senate from 1863 to 1870 and led the Senate investigation of the burning of Brenham in 1866. Burney conducted much of the investigation personally and helped to acquire monetary assistance for the victims. He served as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

Burney was a Methodist and died at his home near Waco in 1878. He was buried at First Street Cemetery with Masonic honors. The funeral procession was described as the largest in Waco history and every business closed for the day.