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Pay Your Dues Online

ATTENTION: Brethren, you can now pay your dues electronically via Paypal on this page, by mail to the secretary, or by coming to lodge and paying in person. We prefer that you pay your dues in person at lodge but if you cannot do that, this should make things easier for you and for us.

In 1910, our dues were set at six dollars per member. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor CPI Report, that translates to $150 in today’s money. Our required annual dues are currently set at $75 per member which means that today, we are paying half of what our brothers paid in 1910. With this in mind, please consider giving more to the lodge than the minimum due requirement.

When paying your dues online, please be sure to provide your first and last name in the donation box below without any typos. This will allow us to identify you as a member and apply the amount you give to your dues requirements.

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