WELCOME! You have arrived at the official website of Waco Masonic Lodge #92. We meet every Thursday evening at 4324 Cobbs Drive in Waco near the Heart of Texas Fairgrounds.

As the newest Master of the Lodge, I am glad to have your visit. Brethren, check the side toolbar for upcoming events and don’t forget to pay your dues by heading over to our online store! Last year, we had quite a few Brothers pay their dues online and this year we hope for even more.

Visitors, whether a desire to become a mason or an interest in history brought you to this site, you’ve found the right place. If you already know you want to be a mason, click here. Our lodge has been in Waco since 1852 and our first members were arriving several years before that. Since its earliest days as a place where natives and settlers interacted, Waco has benefited from the influence of freemasons. Who are we and what do we do?

Mark Brickhouse Worshipful Master

Mark Brickhouse
Worshipful Master

Freemasons are men who have joined together for two main reasons: to improve themselves and to improve the community around them. This is usually done through a combination of education, charity, and fellowship. Freemasonry is not a religion but it is a society of men with various religious beliefs. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others who believe that a singular creator is responsible for our existence come together in masonic lodges for the common good. You can learn about how this happened over time in our lodge by clicking the history tabs in the menu above.

I am a teacher and as such, I firmly believe in Masonry’s emphasis on the role education can play in making men and society in general a better place. For that reason, I am pleased to inform you that Waco 92 has given thousands of dollars in scholarship to the most deserving of young minds this year alone. That is just one way we participate in our community and you can find other examples throughout this website. By doing our part, we help to make possible the three million dollars given daily by masonic organizations throughout the United States.

Please have a look around and I hope you will find answers to any questions you may have about our wonderful fraternity. If you don’t, feel free to contact us through the contact button above or stop by our lodge building at 4324 Cobbs Drive any Thursday evening. I hope to see you soon.


Mark Brickhouse

Worshipful Master 2016-2017


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Freemasonry is a system built around charitable causes AND fellowship. As such, we constantly strive to build our inner community by contributing significantly to the communities that surround us and applying ourselves in philosophy pertaining to moral and social virtues. The Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, the Shrine Hospital in Galveston, and other charities frequently benefit from our members donating time and money. Locally, we have recently contributed to programs such as Camp Success, Make a Wish Come True, scholarships for area kids, and Mission Waco. With that in mind, please consider donating to us by clicking ‘Donate Online’ so that you can help us meet our charitable goals! Remember, a few dollars or a few hundred dollars both can help a needy child have a better Christmas, a crippled child receive the care they need, and so forth.


Waco #92 is the oldest continuous organization of any kind in Waco history. We applied for our charter in 1851. Among our members have been the most prominent shakers and movers in the central Texas community. To name a few: Pat Neff, Sul Ross, Richard Coke, Charles “Doc” Alderton (Dr. Pepper), Joseph Speight, Rufus Burleson, and many more! Check back regularly on our ‘History’ page as there will often be new information pertaining to our past and the lodge’s long-time tradition of positively impacting Texas. Specifically, the ‘Past Masters’ page will grow as we add link profile pages to the name of each past master. Also, our charter members have been posted and we are steadily adding to the list of otherwise noteworthy men of Waco 92. You can also visit us at the lodge building any Thursday evening where you will find photos, mementos, and records from the masonic careers of all of these people.


Brethren all,  you will find newsletters and announcements in ‘Newsletters’ of the Main Menu at the top left.  The slideshow at the top shows our newest posts and news from Waco 92 while the toolbar to the right includes a calendar for upcoming events and a list of some of the most popular recent posts. Let us know if there is any way we can improve the website or make it more fun and useful for you to visit.

Members of Waco 92, we can now pay dues online and buy items from the Store. You must attend the stated meeting every second Thursday at our lodge on Cobbs Drive. If you have not been to lodge recently, please feel free to give me or Brother Waden a call to let us know you are coming or to ask us any questions you may have about getting more active in our lodge. Please also plan on being at the lodge on all other Thursday evenings as we will hang out, practice lodge work, play games, and generally enjoy fellowship.

Kind regards,

Robert Marshall

Worshipful Master 2015-2016




Welcome to the new internet home of Waco Lodge #92. If you are not familiar with our lodge or Masonry, I encourage you to visit our ‘About’, ‘History’, and ‘Location’ pages. Regular members are encouraged to browse our newsletter sections for upcoming special events and messages from our lodge leadership. This new site is designed to be interactive so feel free to comment on any of the posts in the newsletter section. If you have suggestions or wish to send a private message to the lodge, please leave it in on the feedback page.

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Please drop by and visit for some food and fellowship on Thursday evenings. We are at the corner of Cobbs Drive and 44th Street.

When I started this site, the information above filled the page. Now, with the list of post growing and added widgets to the sidebar, I thought I’d add to this ‘Home Page.’

Staring in January 2015, this website will be the PRIMARY way of communicating with our members. We will mail a revised letter only to those who have no internet connectivity (thus, no email). If we have your email address, we will email the newsletter but I only have email addresses on about 10 percent of our members. Please visit the page often for updates. In my opinion, the BEST way to stay connected to posts here is to subscribe to the automatic emails every time a post or page is published. There is a link in the right sidebar to enter your email address.

I would also encourage you to follow up on Facebook. There is also a link in the sidebar but you can go direct to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Waco92. It is the goal of the Internet committee to do our best to keep our members informed.


Ed Brown
Worshipful Master 2014-15