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Welcome, fellow bibliophiles! You have reached the webpage for Waco Masonic Lodge #92’s scholarship application. While I was a Honors College student at Baylor, I was also a new Mason learning the philosophy upon which freemasonry is built. Often, the ideas we discussed in Great Texts or other campus departments were intimately connected to the ideals around which freemasonry has been established. Through this scholarship opportunity, we hope to help Honors College sophomores and juniors also see that Masonry-academia connection and learn a little bit about how the sometimes ancient concepts in our books have informed the not quite as ancient social, fraternal, and civic actions of our communities’ leaders.

Who Qualifies?

Great Texts

Sophomores and Juniors. This scholarship is available to Great Texts majors or Baylor students who have taken or are currently taking a Great Texts course at Baylor AND who still have at least another year of school before graduating. High school students *might* qualify depending on circumstances and intended majors. For example, if you’re a Waco High student planning to study film production, you could qualify!

What do I write about?

It is an essay-based scholarship with a wide variety of potential topics. You can write about a particular person or a person’s works. You can write about a general concept or several connected concepts. The list below is meant as a guide and if you wish to write about something or someone not listed, you may do so but it is recommended that you contact us first. Some of the people listed were Baylor leaders; some were early American leaders. Some were prominent elsewhere. All of them were Freemasons. Many or all of the concepts will likely be familiar to you as they tend to come up in Great Texts courses. They are also near and dear to how Freemasons see society and reality at large. Sources for your paper should include at least one text covered in a course at Baylor or another text pre-approved by our scholarship committee. If you do not find something below about which you would like to write, contact me at and we can discuss ideas for a unique essay choice.

  • Light as an image of philosophical wisdom
  • Ideals of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty
  • God as Architect
  • Use of Allegories
  • Apprenticeship
  • Brotherhood of Mankind
  • 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences(especially Geometry)
  • Significance of the altar
  • Eternality of the soul
  • Geometry as a sacred science
  • King Solomon’s Temple and its construction
  • Importance of Catechism
  • Knights Templar
  • Holy Bible as a Great Light
  • Memento Mori
  • Fatherhood of God
  • Free Will
  • Names of God
  • Cardinal Virtues
  • The Saints John (Baptist, Evangelist, and Chrysostom)

Famous Mason Authors:

  • Jonathan Swift
  • Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • Wolfgang Goethe
  • Alexander Pope
  • Sir Walter Scott
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Mark Twain
  • Leo Tolstoy
  • Voltaire
  • Lewis Wallace
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Edmund Burke
  • Albert Pike
  • Albert Mackey

Famous Leaders of Christianity and Masons:

  • Norman Vincent Peale
  • Robert Schuller
  • Oral Roberts
  • Geoffrey Fisher
  • Father Francisco Calvo
  • G. Bromley Oxnam

Famous Baptist Masons:

  • Pat Neff
  • Samuel P. Brooks
  • B.H. Carroll
  • David E. Moore
  • George W. Truett
  • Robert E. Baylor
  • W.W. Barnes
  • Rufus Burleson
  • William R. White
  • Every President of Baylor from Rufus Burleson to Herb Reynolds

Other Famous Masons

  • George Washington
  • Joseph Warren
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Paul Revere
  • John Hancock
  • Jean Lafayette
  • Mozart
  • Simon Bolivar
  • Sam Houston
  • Santa Anna
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Winston Churchill
  • Cecil B. DeMille
  • Franklin Roosevelt

when is the deadline?

  1. Submit your essay for selection no later than April 15. It should be at least 2,000 words.
  2. The scholarship recipient will be notified during Finals Week. That should be a nice study boost!
  3. When you return to school in the fall, it is expected that you will present your essay to an audience at one of our masonic meetings here in Waco. There will be several dates from which you can choose. Following your presentation, you will be formally recognized as the scholarship recipient.

What is the award?

If you are selected as the scholarship recipient, you will receive $2000 and an opportunity to present your paper to the oldest continuous organization of any kind in Mclennan County. Waco Masonic Lodge #92 is older than the Waco iteration of Baylor and even older than the city of Waco itself. By presenting to this organization, you are placing yourself in conversation with some of our community’s most important thinkers since 1850.

You are encouraged to make good use of the incredible libraries available to you on campus and at the Lee Lockwood Library & Museum on Waco Drive and/or the Grand Lodge of Texas Museum & Library downtown on Columbus Avenue. We also have a rare book library available at our Masonic lodge.

Again, if you have any questions, contact me at or by phone at 254-379-3984.

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