Two New Master Masons

The summer of 2022 brought the maturation of two new Masons, Charlie Barker and Alex Ward, who were raised as Masters in early August. Having demonstrated proficiency in the work at both the Entered Apprentice and the Fellowcraft levels of Masonry during the previous year, they were given the literal third degree of Craft Masonry!

Our legendary Past Master Ed Brown delivered the explanatory lecture and Junior Deacon Paul Curttright provided a moving rendition of the Texas Masonic version of a Bible presentation. Visitors from Hillsboro Lodge and elsewhere attended to show their support to the incoming Brothers. Each of them has had a unique journey, beginning his Masonic career during the COVID shutdown and demonstrating patience, perseverance, and determination as the Lodge’s organizational machinery revved back up from enforced dormancy.

Congratulations, Bros. Ward and Barker! Welcome to the Craft!

Two New Master Masons

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