March Stated Meeting

At the March stated meeting, the attendees ate corned beef and cabbage prepared by our past master Robert Marshall using his ancestors’ recipe. Though Bro. Marshall received much thanks, just look at the photo below. He obviously cheated and received some Irish magical assistance.

The educational program for the evening was provided by Tommy Riggs, a past master of Austin Lodge 12, who is a 38 year member of Waco Lodge  He talked about the Great Light in Masonry and its importance to the Craft. The presentation was well received.

Tommy Riggs

A committee announced the 2019 Waco Masonic scholarship recipient and we enjoyed attendance by several first-time visitors including Brother Lorenzo Villa from El Paso, Gene Anders from JH Lockwood Lodge, and Timothy Fleischer from Salado Lodge 296. Members were delighted to have Brother Bob Uzzel in attendance also. Brother Uzzel’s Masonic career began at Waco 92 nearly half a century ago and has taken him to many heights throughout the fraternity across the country since that time.

Tom Waden and Bob Uzzel

Best of all, a petition came in and we elected a member of the Waco community to receive the degrees in Masonry.

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