Fellowcraft Degree with Special Guests

This evening at Waco Lodge, a bright, young new Mason was passed to the degree of Fellowcraft. Visitors included brothers from Hillsboro 196, J.H. Lockwood 1343, Washingtin #3 in Vermont, Conciliacăo #148 in Brazil, and two from Light From The East #333 in Hewitt. It was a momentous occasion as the brothers of Light From The East #333 became the first members of a Prince Hall Lodge to attend Waco Lodge in its 168 year history. As the Worshipful Master announced, it was “our great honor to receive your visit. The bridge of the fraternity is now open and will be for years to come.”

The Worshipful Masters of Waco and Light From The East Lodges with the latter’s Junior Deacon at center

The degree was well performed and the star of the night, the candidate, expressed his gratitude for the work of the brethren performing. Many of the lodges most esteemed leaders from years past were in attendance including: past masters Ed Brown, Brett Carroll, Tom Waden, Kim Cowart,Mark Brickhouse, and Stan Patrick. Also there was District Instructor Doug Fitzjarrell of Masonic District 61C.

After the degree, Brother João Batiste, our long-term guest from Brazil, presented the Worshipful Master and Secretary with special Brazilian Masonic gifts on behalf of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Sol De Brazil.

All in all, Masonry is alive and well in Waco.

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