Waco Lodge Installs New Officers

2018 Officer Installation

On June 30th, members and friends of Waco 92 gathered for the purpose of installing new officers for the ensuing masonic year. One of Masonry’s oldest traditions is to recognize the Feast Days of the Saints John. Surely, it can be said, Waco 92 extended that centuries old legacy this year.

Children played in the background and wives beamed with pride this eveningas Waco Masonic Lodge kicked off the new year. With celebrated pianist Randall Scott providing music, we began the evening with a poignant speech from Grand Senior Warden Paul Underwood about the present and future of freemasonry. He also shared the sad news of Past Grand Master Dibrell’s passing but there was something poetic about the sound of joy coming from elsewhere in the building as children played. Masonry teaches at many points in its lessons that life is a journey and death is inevitable but bittersweet. Our time on Earth can be extended, in no small way, by measuring the impact we’ve had on our communities and as long as children are playing in masonic lodges, the light shared by masonic leaders like David Dibrell shall never burn out.

Current Grand Master Tommy Chapman and his wife were in attendance along with the impressive dancer and charismatic Tommy Chance Chapman. Waco 92’s living legend Stan Patrick was there silently grading our efforts as he always does. Grand Junior Deacon Sonny Juarez and the yang to his yin, Honorable Doug Fitzjarrell performed as Installing Master and Installing Marshal, respectively.

Tyson Holloway recited a poem calling for awareness and commitment from the “Men of 92” and Robert Marshall talked about gavels before presenting a custom gavel crafted from a branch of the oak tree at Waco Lodge to the new master, Dave McHam.

Truly a good time was had by all and the oldest organization of any kind in McLennan County was abuzz in a way that promised great things for the ensuing year.


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