New Biographies Added to the Website

We have added some new biographies of our members to this site:

Marcus Herring, early Wacoan and grand master of Oddfellows.

Davis Gurley, adjutant-general of Texas and first past master of Gurley Lodge.

James Hutto, founder of Hutto and Georgetown.

And 20+past masters, including Bill Buzze of Buzze music and the famous Roger Conger, from the 1940s to the 1970s have had biographies added to the pre-existing list older biographies. Just click their names on the Past Masters page here.

We have even found a photo of Brother Joe Kemendo getting an autograph from Babe Ruth at Katy Park in downtown Waco.Babe Ruth signing for Bro. Joe Kemendo, photo by Gildy

You can read about other interesting Waco 92 members in history by going to the Notable Members page or the Charter members page.

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