September Newsletter

From the East

August was a busy month for us at Waco 92. We honored two very special people that have given a lot of their time to Masonry. Brother Tom Waden received the Golden Trowel award and we presented the Community Builder award to Brenda Light. See more about that by clicking here. We had a great turnout for the event and I would like to thank all who showed up. We also put on a Fellowcraft Degree. By the time you read this, hopefully we will have two more EA candidates that have turned in their work and we will be preparing to put on two more FC degrees.

We are currently working on collecting new or gently used stuffed animals to donate to local first responders. Children are caught in the middle of crimes and domestic issues on a daily basis all over the country. Waco and the surrounding communities are no different. We want to give our first responders stuffed animals to give these children to help console them during a traumatic situation. Please bring any stuffed animals you would like to donate up to the lodge or give me a call to schedule a time for me to meet you somewhere, 640-7660. Please do not donate anything that requires batteries.

The next stated meeting will be Sept 14th. I’m not sure what is on the menu yet, but dinner is at 6 and the meeting will start at 7. Please come join us. If you need a ride, don’t hesitate to reach out! Many have volunteered to pick a brother up if necessary.

Our past masters appreciation event will take place during our November stated meeting. You don’t have to be a past master to attend, but if you are a past master, please accept this special invitation to come join us November 9th so that we may honor you and your service to the Lodge. Please bring your spouse as well and RSVP to or 254-772-1801 or my cell.  

-Keith Sanders


From the Quill


You undoubtedly are watching news regarding Hurricane Harvey. I learned, or rather re-learned a remarkable lesson about Texas masons… Our own member Nelson Van Der Velde who now lives in Houston was away on business when the storm hit. He asked for help via social media because his wife and child became trapped on the upper floor of a building in Houston. As soon as I noticed the plea, I reached out to Texas Masons and within twenty minutes, two teams(one by boat and another by helicopter) were en route. Before they arrived, the National Guard had already evacuated Brother Van Der Velde’s family but it was a very humbling and inspiring reminder that Texas Masons look out for each other.

Our building will be very busy throughout September. We are expecting a handful of degrees, a day of planning with an upcoming Grand Master of Texas, and of course our September stated meeting at which we will perform a very unique program honoring our Junior Past Master and all the deserving men who came before him. As usual, feel free to give me a shout on my cell if you’d like to attend the 6:30 AM practice sessions we are having on weekdays.

I also received word from a Past Grand Master of Connecticut whose grandfather was a member of our lodge. The Connecticut brother found us through this website and we are coordinating to plan a visit so he can sit in the same lodge where his grandfather once did. It should be a remarkable event.

Last but not least, a great deal of work has been performed by our Junior Warden at the lodge building recently. If for none of the reasons above, at least consider stopping by the lodge to see all the cleaning and re-imagining that is being done with our space. It will soon be much more versatile and interesting for visitors.

My ink’s running dry. ‘Til next time!

-Robert Marshall


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