2017 Waco Masonic Awards Night

At the 2017 Waco Masonic Awards night, two people were honored…


Brenda Light received the Community Builder Award. Brenda is well known throughout the Greater Waco area as someone who has been involved for years in a variety of worthy causes. She has given an extraordinary amount of her time to masonic functions through the years but she has also been very involved in youth sports, historic organizations, and more. As a leader for Girls in Action, Brenda has established herself as a unique role model for the future women of Waco.

Brenda Light

Brenda Light is shown here in the East at Waco Lodge with her friends and family after she was presented with this year's Community Builder Award.

Brenda and Ed

Past Master Ed Brown presents Brenda Light with the Community Builder Award.

Brenda and Family

Brenda and her family in the lobby prior to the award ceremony

Claude and Martha

Past Master Claude Ervin and his wife, Martha, look on as Brenda Light is presented with the Community Builder Award. Brother Ervin worked with Brenda for many years at the Lee Lockwood Library.

A Crowd of Onlookers

This shows some of the crowd at the Awards night.

Tom Waden received the Golden Trowel Award. Tom is a past master of Waco Lodge and has also served as secretary of both our lodge and the Masters, Wardens, and Secretaries Association for this district. Throughout his life, Tom has been an active participant in the Demolay Order and he is a well-known face at Grand Lodge Communications where he often assists in the administrative tasks at sign-in.

Tom Waden and Family

Tom Waden with his family and friends after receiving the Golden Trowel Award

Keith and Tom

Our current Master of the Lodge, Keith Sanders, with Golden Trowel recipient Tom Waden

Lana Pins Toms

Tom's wife, Lana, pins him with the Golden Trowel Award; she was very kind and opted not to draw blood.

Tom and Lana

Tom Waden holds his new Golden Trowel award while his wife, Lana, holds the Golden Trowel award her father received


Only part of the crowd gathered to observe the awards night

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