July 2017 Newsletter

From the East-July 2017


It is a privilege and an honor to be elected as Worshipful Master of Waco 92. I look forward to serving the lodge during the ensuing Masonic Year. Before looking to the future, I/we must take a look back and thank Past Master Mark Brickhouse for his service to Waco 92. Mark did a great job last year, and I hope to continue the good work he started.

My biggest priority for the year is to get our financial house in order and put systems in place to make sure we’re in good shape going forward. I’ve been through years of financial data on lodge expenses the past few months. We’ve done a great job of keeping expenses to a minimum but we’re spending more than we’re bringing in. There’s not much to cut from the spending side of the budget. That means we’re going to have to put a greater emphasis on the income side of things.

I’m not asking for money!!! The members of this lodge have been very gracious with their donations over the years and there’s no way we could survive without those funds. If you haven’t heard this before, I apologize…but THANK YOU for your contributions!!!!

I am asking for your presence and input on the future of our lodge. I know we have a few hundred members of Waco 92. I’ve only met maybe 30-50 of you. I understand that some just can’t make it out to lodge for whatever reason and that’s ok. We… I…would still love to hear from you. Give me a call 254-640-7660, send me an email, keithsanders23@hotmail.com… What can Waco 92 do to help you?!?! What would you like to see Waco 92 do this year? I’m here to serve you guys in any way I can!!!


Keith Sanders

The secretary’s message was published in an earlier post and can be seen by clicking here.

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