From the Secretary July 2017

I hope you will all take the time to reach out to our past master Tom Waden who has faithfully served Waco Lodge for the last five years as our secretary. Few men are ever as dedicated to any cause as Tom has always been to persistently supporting his home lodge. Thanks for all the work you have done, Tom, and thanks for the work you are continuing to do as we transition to our new roles together.

We have several dates of interest coming up and I look forward to seeing all of  you at the following events: The joint installation of officers for the Waco area masonic lodges will be Friday, July 7 at the Lee Lockwood Library. Our stated meeting will be July 13, and we also are very busy with degree work. Several candidates are knocking on the door to be passed to Fellowcraft so come join us any Thursday night as we practice and perform those degrees. Furthermore, Tranquility Lodge will be meeting in our lodge room on Saturday, July 22. Please contact me if you have any questions about what you can do to help your lodge put forth its best effort at any of the above events this month. You are also running out of time if you’d like to attend the 2017 Officer Leadership Training in Waco. This year’s session will be held from August 18-20 in the usual place.

See you soon!

Robert Marshall, Secretary

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