Waco Masonic Open House

Waco Masonic Open House

This year, we will have our second annual Open House event on May 27 and it will coincide with a Carter BloodCare blood drive. Guests will receive free souvenirs related to our history in Waco and even more historic Waco photos and artifacts will be on display than last year. We are expecting a full house so you don’t want to miss it! Read about last year’s event and see photos below:

In October 2016, Waco Masonic Lodge #92 hosted its first Open House in many years. The event was well attended with more than 50 people enjoying free smoothies from local health shop Impact Nutrition and a full program by our Senior Warden Keith Sanders explaining the history and purpose of freemasonry. In our lobby, we featured exhibits from the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, the Dr Pepper Museum, and the Historic Waco Foundation. All three organizations brought unique artifacts related to some early members of our lodge that were presented by experts from each museum.

The Texas Ranger Museum had biographies written by our lodge’s own Robert Marshall about several early Waco masons who were Texas Rangers and also allowed visitors to handle replicas of early Ranger pistols. The Dr Pepper Museum had some early Dr Pepper memorabilia as well as Dr. Charles Alderton’s pharmacist certificate. Dr. Alderton invented Dr Pepper and was the lead officer of Waco Lodge in 1912. Last but not least, the Historic Waco Foundation brought a masonic sword that belong to J.W. Mann who owned a brick factory and provided the bricks for the Waco Suspension Bridge in 1870.

Open House 2016
Dr Pepper Museum Exhibit
Texas Ranger Museum Exhibit
Impact Nutrition Smoothie Bar
Lodge Room Program

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