2017 Scholarships

2017 scholarships
Lodge Master Mark Brickhouse with Scholarship Recipients

At the April 2017 stated meeting, two of this year’s three recipients of the annual Waco Masonic Scholarships visited with lodge members. $3,000 was awarded to the young Wacoans heading off to college.

Will Bennett will attend Texas A&M in Galveston and plans to enter the field of real estate development. His resume and essay were extremely impressive and gained him the esteem of our lodge’s scholarship committee despite their tendency to deduct points for Wacoans heading to A&M schools. We have no doubt that Mr. Bennett will do a fantastic job of representing the Waco community during his time in Galveston.

Lindsey Anderson will attend Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and she aims to become a dentist in the future. It is worth noting that TCU moved to Fort Worth from Waco in 1910. TCU evolved partially out of the Waco Female College which had its beginnings as the Waco Masonic Institute, a college that was established by Waco Lodge 92 in the 1850s as the first place of higher education in McLennan County. Our lodge owned one of the colleges that eventually became TCU more than 150 years ago and now in 2017, we have committed our support to a young Wacoan leaving to study there. Thus, a full circle of our involvement in education at TCU has been made. Surely, Miss Anderson will make a worthy extension of that legacy for many years to come.

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