Offspring Lodges of Waco 92

Lodges that Sprang Forth from Waco 92

At several times in the history of Waco 92, our membership has grown to such proportions that it became necessary to release some of our members from their membership at 92 in order to charter new lodges that could better manage the growing number of masons in the Waco area. As membership numbers dwindled in recent years, some of the lodges returned home to ol’ 92 by merging their memberships back with us many of them still exist today. Below you will find an ongoing list of those lodges. All of these lodges had a significant number of their charter members come from Waco 92 and exact numbers are given when possible. Listed according to the year in which each lodge received its charter:

  1. 1854 Marlin Lodge #152 (active)
    1. With six others, our Brother John Pierson received the charter for Marlin Lodge.
  2. 1855 Bosqueville Lodge #171 (demised)
    1. Our first Past Master, Claiborne Varner, moved his membership to Bosqueville in 1856. Half of this lodge’s charter members were from Waco 92.
  3. 1855 Mt. Calm Lodge #204 (demised)
  4. 1871 J.H. Gurley Lodge #337 (active)
    1. Named after our Past Master, James Gurley. All thirteen of this lodge’s charter members were from Waco 92.
  5. 1872 Whiterock Lodge #347 (demised, reopened, and is now active)
    1. Twelve of this lodge’s original charter members were from Waco 92.
  6. 1876 Mcgregor Lodge #376 (active)
  7. 1876 Golinda Lodge #451 (demised)
  8. 1881 Moody Lodge #568 (active)
  9. 1883 Crawford Lodge #585 (active)
  10. 1884 West Lodge #475 (originally named Liberty Grove, still active)
    1. This lodge was originally in Liberty Grove but moved to West in 1896.
  11. 1884 M. Denton Stanford Lodge #594 (originally named Lorena, still active)
  12. 1886 Mart Lodge #636 (originally named Oak Point, still active)
  13. 1886 Speegleville Lodge #789 (demised)
    1. Seth Mills, of our lodge, was a Speegleville pioneer and member of this lodge.
  14. 1886 Alexander Lodge #637 (demised, was in town of Erath)
  15. 1886 Eddy Lodge #797 (active)
  16. 1897 Elk Lodge #810 (demised)
  17. 1899 Riesel Lodge #835 (active)
  18. 1920 Triune Lodge #15 (active)
    1. Waco 92’s John Marshall Strayhorn served as Triune’s first worshipful master.
  19. 1920 Fidelis Lodge #1127 (active)
    1. The first Master of Fidelis Lodge was Waco 92’s Edward Canon. Thirty-three of Fidelis’ charter members came over from 92.
  20. 1921 George N. Denton Lodge #24 (active)
    1. This lodge is named after 92’s Past Master George Denton. Sixty-four of its charter members were from 92.
  21. 1925 Herring Lodge #1224 (merged back with Waco 92)
    1. This lodge was named after M.D. Herring, and twenty-seven of its charter members came from our lodge.
  22. 1926 Baylor Lodge #1235 (originally named JW Speight Lodge, still active)
    1. This lodge was originally named after Waco 92 Past Master, JW Speight, and thirty of its charter members were from Waco 92.
  23. 1950 Bellmead Lodge #1329 (active)
    1. Twelve of this lodge’s charter members heiled from Waco 92. Many of its early members were employed by General Tire, Waco Cotton Seed, Oil Mill, Clifton Manufacturing, the MKT Railroad, Cotton Belt Railroad and other industrious companies in the Bellmead area. James Connally Air Force Base also supplied a lot of members to Bellmead Lodge.
  24. 1954 James H. Lockwood Lodge #1343 (active)
    1. Seven members of our lodge were charter members of JH Lockwood 1343, including the legendary William Quebe, for whom our building is named today.
  25. 1999 Tranquility Lodge #2000 (active)
    1. When Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969, he took with him special dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Texas for the purpose of claiming the Moon as part of the jurisdiction of Texas Masons. The astronauts landed in the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility. Thirty years later, Tranquility Lodge was opened to serve as the lodge started by Buzz Aldrin and this lodge meets in different places around Texas until one day when it can return to the Moon. Members of Waco 92 were instrumental in making this happen and as a nod to those efforts, Tranquility Lodge 2000 meets every year at Waco 92. Read more at their website here:

For information about Waco 92’s Charter, see here.

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