A Mason’s Wife Leads Waco Women’s Ministry

porcelain dolls

Our Junior Warden Dave McHam’s wife leads Porcelain Dolls. This continues the tradition of Waco 92’s ladies established long ago by women like Bessie Copeland Morris, one of the first female ministers in Waco.

Porcelain Dolls is a local ministry focused on reaching out to women who work in the sex industry to encourage them to believe in themselves and to make sure they know that they are loved. Often, Porcelain Dolls provides women with care packages, school supplies for their children, and other items. In the past, they have even found ways to provide women with computers to help further their education. Consider donating to Porcelain Dolls through their Facebook page and think of them tonight as they travel around the Waco community to positively interact with some of the women who need positive interaction the most.

The Porcelain Dolls mission reads as follows:


“We are a group of imperfect women covered by the indescribable grace and mercy of a loving God who desire to share that same grace and mercy to a group of imperfect women in hopes of seeing them gain the same freedom we have found through a relationship with a loving Father.

Our vision is to reach out to women who are currently working in the sex industry, and to show them that there is freedom from their past, that they are precious and worthy of love.

Our mission is to encourage and to offer them hope through a non-judgmental relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is that they will know they are loved just as they are regardless of where they are in life or where they’ve come from.”


Keep up the good work, McHams!

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