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Spring is here and with it comes new life at the lodge! The discussion about our building has moved forward and the brethren decided to put a new roof on Quebe Temple. This decision was in made prior to discussing any other options and it was made clear that those present believe the funds required to renovate our building are not so high as to consider moving. You will receive correspondence regarding the different tiers available to you if you’d like to take part in bringing our building up to date. Please do so if your budget allows and if it doesn’t, I encourage you to visit the lodge and find other ways you can contribute to the well-being of 92.

More new life takes the form of a rising number of new members. So far this year, we have conferred eight degrees, mostly Entered Apprentice. Currently, I have three new petitions in hand ready for the April stated meeting and we are expecting more before the year is over. This means that by June, we are aiming to have brought a dozen or more new members into the fraternity. My hope is that this momentum continues in such a way that a year or two from now, we will think of twelve new members as the low end of expectations. Be sure to participate in as many as the upcoming degrees as you can. The opportunities are many.

Also at the April stated meeting, we intend to present a record number of scholarships to local students so please show up to celebrate the future of our community and the ability of Waco 92 to influence it for the better.

You know I love history by now and I’d like to bring our own Past Master Jack Elgin to your attention. His story is rich and he was tutored by one-time President of Texas, Anson Jones. Elgin also witnessed the rise of Waco from a small village to the social and intellectual capitol for the state of Texas. In fact, he was the railroad surveyor that brought the railway with him when he discovered our early community. Learn more about him on our Past Masters webpage.


Robert Marshall

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