February Newsletter


I hope your holidays went well. Much has taken place since the last newsletter. The St. John’s Day concert held in conjunction with Waco Commandery No. 10 of the York Rite raised enough money for us to donate in excess of 100 dollars to the Dallas Scottish Rite Hospital. That may not seem like much but considering it was an impromptu event on the day after Christmas with tornadic weather in the area, I’d say  that is a success! It is my belief that the future of masonry depends on its various entities working together and the St. John’s concert was a tremendous example of that: our blue lodge held an event  with our local York Rite Knights Templar and the proceeds are going to a Scottish Rite hospital. Behold how good and pleasant it is!

At the January stated meeting, many things took place. After many months of discussion among the active members, I formally brought to the brothers’ attention the major decision we are weighing regarding the  future of Quebe Temple. Several options are before us and none of them are inexpensive so we are trying to involve input from as many brothers as possible to enable the best decision moving forward. My hope is to for myself and the lodge to be as transparent about this as possible so I will tell you like I announced at the meeting: having considered the information available to me, I believe it is in the best interest of 92’s future that we attempt to sell our building if we can agree on a new location with less overhead and/or greater potential to produce revenue. In that light, I strongly encourage all of you to be at February’s meeting where I will offer a presentation showing the various numbers, facts, and information for all of our potential choices. Later in February, I intend to hold a Past Masters’ meeting where the former leaders of 92 can discuss the information presented at the stated meeting and allow us to really move in one direction or another at the March meeting.

The brethren also voted to raise our dues from $75 to $100. I cannot thank you enough for making this difficult decision. We are now even with other area lodges on our dues amount and I believe we offer the best masonic experience in central Texas so I believe our dues ought to reflect that value. Failing to raise dues in accordance with inflation over time only works to cheapen the lodge and limits our capacity to impact the community. We also began the process of finding scholarship recipients this Spring. There will be more to come on that next month.

I have updated about a dozen past masters’ profiles on the website. In particular, that of Charles Alderton, the creator of Dr Pepper, has enjoyed a high amount of traffic from the general public. If you haven’t seen it, take some of your spare time to learn about our lodge’s early leaders! Click here

On our 164th anniversary which was January 23, Waco 92 entered a new Brother to the first degree in masonry. I thought this was a very fitting tribute to the rich history of our lodge and a sign of hope for its future. Thanks to all of you who were there and participated.

Congratulations are in order to our Junior Deacon Dave Mcham who received the York Rite Chapter and Council degrees in Midlothian. Welcome, Companion Mcham!

I hope to see you all in February.


Robert Marshall

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