Texas State Legislature Recognizes Freemasons

Earlier this year, the Texas State Legislature formally recognized the countless contributes of the freemasons of Texas to education in our state since it gained independence from Mexico so long ago. From those early days when brothers like Mirabeau B. Lamar led the way to today when we have brothers working in schools and universities across the state, Texas masons have proven their commitment to education. Earlier this year, we recognized Dr. Ritter from Camp Success in Waco for her leadership in a program whereby masons equip children with the tools necessary to overcome reading disabilities every summer.

This year’s Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, and Junior Deacon have all worked in areas directly related to educating our youth. WM Marshall is part-time teaching and coaching at Waco ISD. SW Brickhouse is a fulltime instructor at University High. JD Mcham used to work at the Methodist Children’s Home and School downtown. We also have countless other members who spend time daily working to educate young people. Past Master Jeff Davies teaches at Waco High right up the street from Quebe Temple. Past Masters Claude Ervin, Kim Cowart, and Tom Waden have collectively worked more than a century at Baylor University in various capacities. Let it be known that education in the state of Texas has a sacred bond with freemasonry at all levels.

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