January Newsletter


December was an exciting month for Waco 92! It kicked off with the Grand Lodge Communication where we worked the downstairs coffee shop. Then, at the stated meeting, we addressed many things. A motion was made and seconded to raise our annual dues to $95. This motion was tabled so that all of you can be made aware of the potential change and come to the January stated meeting to vote on it. We also moved to donate money to two Christmas charities. One is led by our own Junior Deacon and serves the community by providing one family with surprise Christmas gifts delivered to their front porch. The other is performed by local University High School’s soccer team where they made Christmas wishes come true for nearly 200 low-income children attending school at Waco ISD middle schools this year. We also appeared in the downtown Waco Christmas parade and rang bells for the Salvation Army on the Saturday following the stated meeting.

We close the month with a celebration of St. John’s Day! We will be downtown at our old building with Waco Commandery #10 to celebrate the patron saint of masonry and enjoy fellowship. Tickets are available at our lodge store online: www.wacomasonic.org/store. They will also be available at the door. The date is December 26 and dinner starts at 6:00pm. The celebration will be held in the lodgeroom where Waco 92 met from 1912 until 1969. Special guest and local country music star Kayla Ray will be performing so bring your wives and kids and have a good time! You can sample her music at www.kaylaraymusic.com.

If you pay shipping for an item but pick it up at a stated meeting, let us know at the time of pickup and we will refund you for the shipping cost.

Be sure to attend the January stated meeting as we will vote on the dues raise and I will also give a presentation to the lodge regarding the current status of Quebe Temple and our options for renovating the building moving forward. We will also be celebrating the 164th anniversary of Waco 92 later in the month so keep your eyes open for a message regarding that. Looking ahead, Ladies’ Night will be in February so tell your wives about it now and if you know a lodge widow, tell her we would love to have her join us. I hope you all enjoy your holiday season!

Robert Marshall

From the Secretary’s Desk


Happy New Year to all the members of Waco Masonic Lodge No. 92. I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season. The month of December was a full month of activities as far as the lodge was concerned. The Grand Lodge of Texas held its 180th Grand Communication in Waco on December 3rd thru the 5th of December. As soon as I get the official report from the Grand Lodge on all the resolutions that were voted on, I will let the membership know the results. The next weekend we rang the bells for the Salvation Army. Thanks to all who participated in that endeavor. On that same weekend, we participated in the Waco Wonderland Christmas Parade in downtown Waco. We had a nice turnout for that event. On Saturday, December 19th, members from the lodge delivered poinsettias to our Waco area widows. Thanks to all the members that came out and helped bring some joy to our widows during the holiday season.

The dues for 2016 have been coming in at a great rate. We still have quite a few members that have not sent in their 2016 dues. You must have a current dues card to attend the January stated meeting. The Worshipful Master has let it been known that all members will have their dues card checked as they enter the lodge at our January stated meeting. If you plan on attending the January stated meeting, please get your dues in as soon as possible. First Notices of Non Payment of Dues will go out on January 1, 2016. A Second Notice will go out on about March 31, 2016. A Final Notice 0f Non Payment of Dues will go out on June 1, 2016. All 2016 dues must be paid by June 24, 2016 in order for you to be in GOOD STANDING WITH THE LODGE.

Be watching the website for information on a lodge clean-up day. We held a clean-up day during the summer, so it is about time that we prepare to hold another clean-up day. The more people that we have involved with this, the quicker we will get it done. We only had a hand full of members show up for the last clean-up day. Brethren, this is your lodge, help us keep it clean and in working order.

Hope to see everyone in lodge at the January stated meeting.

Fraternally yours,

Tom Waden, Secretary

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