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Regarding current events at lodge, Secretary Waden has covered nearly everything I could share with you in his message. I would only add an announcement that Waco 92 will be in the downtown Waco “Winter Wonderland” parade this year on the morning of December 12. As we will also be ringing the bell for the Salvation Army that day, we need everyone we can get to participate in either function. I’ll see you at the stated meeting on November 12. Bring your wives, kids, and grandkids.

I recently had the pleasure of breaking bread with the family of our junior deacon, Bro. Mcham. He has a wonderful little family as you may have seen at stated meetings. They

Dave Mcham  Junior Deacon
Dave Mcham
Junior Deacon

have answered my request in June for the brethren to incorporate their families with masonry. I learned about Mrs. Mcham’s ministry whereby she reaches out to people in the local area who are certainly in need of spiritual leadership. I hope to see the lodge continue to grow in its commitment to charitable efforts and community interaction; there can be no doubt that the Mchams’ example will serve us well as we navigate that side of who we are as masons.

Robert Marshall

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