October Newsletter

From the East


     After having some technical issues with the website, we are back and happy to report that lodge activity is picking up. We have a new entered apprentice and another candidate scheduled for Saturday the 10th. Please come participate in the degree and witness Brother Senior Warden’s performance of the lecture in its full form which is rarely done in our area. Fundraisers are going well and we have been selling Jamba Juice smoothie shop cards at a high rate over the last month.

     At the stated meeting on October 8, we will present the Community Builders’ Award and I hope you and your families will be there. We are also gearing up to work the coffee shop at Grand Lodge this December by gathering necessary supplies. If you can help work the coffee shop, please contact the Senior Warden so he knows to expect you. Brother Secrerary covers these and all the main announcements for the lodge in his message.

     Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in a Mustang Island condo owned by a brother from Austin. While there, a local lodge performed a degree aboard the USS Lexington. I have traveled to lodges and seen degree work in many lexingtonjurisdictions but this is an annual degree not far from us in Waco and I encourage everyone to attend it next year. On the same note, I know that many of you go on trips for refreshment and fun regularly. Be sure to check the areas you are visiting and go to the local lodges. Many times I have done so only to have my trip greatly improved by the fellowship I found waiting for me. Remember, too, that we are always traveling in a sense. Even when we are not traversing the globe, we are on a spiritual journey upon which it is our duty to constantly strive to improve ourselves. We must never be sedentary, never still or unmoved. “I am a traveling man. It is the only thing I know for sure. My insatiable curiosity and desire for knowlege are my ever-present companions on this trek.”

Safe travels,
Robert Marshall

From the Secretary’s Desk

Greetings Brethren,

	At our October stated meeting we will be presenting the Community Builder Award to Dr. Michaela J. Ritter of Baylor University. She works with the Scottish Rite funded Camp Success. Please join us in honoring Dr. Ritter for the work that she does with this worthwhile project.

	Last month we initiated a new member into the fraternity. We are currently working on another prospective member. Brethren, this is great news not only for our lodge but for the fraternity. If you know someone that would make a great member of our lodge and the fraternity, please urge that person to check us out.

	Some other activities that the lodge has set up in the next few months need to be addressed. Coming up on Thanksgiving Day in November we will have the opportunity to help pack meals for Meals on Wheels at the Scottish Rite. Several of our members in the past have helped with this great project. If you can help, please watch for more information to come available in the November newsletter. In December we have three projects that we will be involved with. They are the GL kitchen, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, and delivery of the poinsettias to our Waco area widows. If you can help out with any of these three projects, please let the secretary of the lodge know. You can call me at 254-772-1801 and leave a message or email me at secretary@waco92.org.

	Dues cards will be going out near the end of October and early part of November. If you are an Endowed Member, 50 Year Member, or Life Member your card will be in the mail to you. If you are a dues paying member, the dues invoice will be in the mail. Please send in your dues as soon as you receive your dues notice. Just a reminder that you will need at 2016 dues card to legally attend lodge starting in January of 2016.

	Hope to see everyone at the October stated meeting.

Fraternally yours,

Tom Waden, Secretary

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