July Newsletter

From the East

As we transition into a new Masonic year, please recognize the tremendous leadership demonstrated by our Junior Past Master Edward Brown. Ed’s presence at 92 has been significant. He has always been an effective tutor for candidates but this past year, he led the Lodge in so many ways. He set precedents in terms of fiscal responsibility, commitment to charity, membership involvement, et al. I cannot overstate the positive impact he has left here and I am confident that he will continue to be an important active member of the lodge for years to come.

For the next twelve months, we will aim to build on the momentum Past Master Brown has so graciously passed along. At the July meeting, I will provide the membership with a list of specific goals and a plan for how to reach them. Be there. In short, I believe the time has come for Waco 92 to restore its presence in the Waco community. While studying at Baylor, I dove headfirst into historic records to dig up as much as I could regarding our old members’ contributions to Waco’s early years. Our history is inseparable from that of Waco’s most prestigious men and it was our members who came together so long ago to make this city special. Today, with the membership numbers dwindling across the state, we are faced with the very real danger of becoming irrelevant to the community and even forgotten. It is our duty to see that doesn’t happen. You can make a difference by attending lodge and contributing according to your abilities and skills. Waco 92 is the area’s most important lodge and because of that, we must lead the way to growth for the masonic future. A wise woman wrote:

“Never doubt that a small group can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Robert Marshall

From the Secretary’s Desk

Before I get started with my article for this month, I would like to take this time and say a hardy “ Job well done” to Past Master Ed Brown. Brother Brown was secretary of the lodge when I was in the East in 2009-2010. I served as his secretary this past Masonic Year. Brother Brown we have sort of made a complete circle. It has been an honor serving as your secretary this past Masonic Year. We look forward to your continued support of Waco 92.

Congratulations to our new Worshipful Master, Robert W. Marshall, and his slate of officers. Please join with me and pledge your support to Br. Marshall and his officers as they lead us during this new Masonic Year.

Summer is in full swing right now, and I suppose many of you are on vacation. It is our hope and prayer that everyone has a great summer. If you are traveling, we hope that everyone returns safe and sound.

Joint installation of officers went very well at the Waco Scottish Rite on Friday, June 26th. If you were not at the installation and you are an officer in the lodge you must be installed at our July stated meeting. While on the subject of stated meetings, July will be the first stated meeting that Br. Marshall will be presiding in the East. Please come out and support Br. Marshall as he begins his year of leading Waco 92.

Tranquility Lodge No. 2000 will be holding their summer meeting at our lodge on Saturday, July 18th. We are always looking for members to help with hosting on that day. Please step up to help if you are asked. We have always provided a light breakfast and coffee plus the noon meal. This is also a great chance to meet other brethren from around the state of Texas.

Our nation will be celebrating its 239th birthday this month. Please join with me in saying Happy Birthday to our nation. Let us not forget our forefathers that established this nation so that we might enjoy the freedoms that we have today. This is also a good time to remember the men and women serving our nation in the military wherever they may be. Keep them safe and it is our prayer that they will all come home safely to their loved ones and friends.

Hope to see you in lodge this month.
Tom Waden. Secretary

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