From the East – Newsletter August 2015

Greetings, Brethren! I pray your summer is going well.. A lot has been going on at Waco 92 so if you haven’t been around lately, stop in any Thursday evening to catch up. Of course, it is essential that you attend the monthly stated meetings on the second Thursday of every month. A brief overview of recent lodge news:

  • Tranquility Lodge held its annual meeting at Waco 92. The brethren opted into a scholarship program whereby they committed to giving a minimum of $50,000 to educating graduate students with a focus in science or space exploration technology.
  • Waco 92’s website has undergone some construction. Any person visiting the site can now click the donation button found on our homepage and electronically send donations to an account that will be used for charity at the end of the year. Special thanks are due to Brother Christopher Decluitt who stepped forth and gave $100 to that electronic fund within minutes of its inception. Members can now register on the website and post in the discussion forum or exchange private messages with other members. This is a great way to interact with us if you are unable to attend meetings. There is also a section titled Masons in the Media where you will find headline news related to freemasonry as well as interesting videos relevant to the craft. Lastly, I have added the first 100 past masters to the Past Masters page and over the next month, I will begin adding links so that you can click on each past master and be taken to an individual page with photos and profiles about our past masters.
  • I presented this year’s agenda at the last stated meeting. Copies are available by contacting me. Please make sure you get one so we can benefit from your input on ways to achieve our goals.
  • Over the last month, Quebe Temple has had events catered by Jason’s Deli, the Czech Bakery in West, Tom’s Smokehouse BBQ, and others. Kristy’s Kreations in Hewitt also made a cake that looks incredible. Get yourselves and families to lodge so you can partake in the good food!
  • Baylor’s Mayborn Museum has expressed interest in creating an exhibit to commemorate Waco 92’s impact on early Waco’s development. If you have any photos or artifacts pertaining to our history, please consider bringing them by the lodge as a gift or a loan for the purpose of that proposed exhibit with the potential of creating our own museum if the response is positive.
  • Our District Deputy Grand Master will make an official visit at our stated meeting on August 13. We have the special privilege of the DDGM also being a past master of 92 so attend the meeting and let’s give him a proper reception. We will also be hosting an event run by the DDGM on September 5 so contact us if you are interested in going to that informative meeting as well.
  • Two brothers who have long been active masons have pledged $1,000 to the Scottish Rite Hospital in Waco 92’s name if, and only if, we can manage to match those funds as soon as possible. That is a very honorable proposal and we would be letting down the fraternity if we failed to make it happen so when you come to the stated meeting, bring a few bucks to drop in the hat.
  • We are exploring the possibility of a car show fundraiser in the parking lot of Quebe Temple. If you or someone you know owns car show-quality vehicles, bring the appropriate contact information to the stated meeting.
  • Lastly, we have received notice from the Grand Lodge that a fake collections agency has been contacting elderly masons and their families under the guise that the brothers owe membership fees and must pay the agency. The Grand Lodge never uses such agencies so if you hear from one, DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR MONEY!


That completes the updates for this month. Until next time, continue your roles as leaders in our community. As I have grown to know many of you recently, it has become clear that in many ways, the members of Waco 92 continue to be the most important people sustaining the positive characteristics we love about central Texas. What we do and learn at lodge should inform that sustenance. “Masonic Light is our way of embracing and expressing the moral and spiritual leadership that our families, friends, associates and the world community so desperately need.”

Your Servant in the East,
Robert Marshall





From The Secretary’s Desk

Greetings Brethren,

The kids will be back in school soon, so I am assuming that nearly everyone is back from a summer vacation. I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful summer. It is now time for us to get to work in the quarries and support our new Worshipful Master and his slate of officers. We have several degrees to get ready for. We need to start the preparation for the EA and FC degrees. If you desire to work in either of those degrees, please let the Worshipful Master know. It is also imperative that you come to our work nights to get proficient in the work of the degrees. Let’s put on a great degree for each candidate.

Our thoughts and prayers are with RW PGM Elmer Murphy. He suffered an aneurism in July. Word from Grand Secretary RW Tommy Guest is that he is in ICU and resting comfortably. At the moment RW Murphy cannot receive visitors, but your prayers and thoughts will be uplifting to him and his family at this time.

This is a plea to all members that have not been to lodge in sometime. You should be receiving a call from one of the officers of the lodge inviting you back to lodge. At this time Waco 92 has approximately around 300 active, endowed and life members. We are averaging fewer than ten percent of those members being active in lodge attendance. Worshipful Master Marshall has some great plans for the lodge during his time in the East. I would like to urge each and every member to come to the stated meetings and work nights to learn what is happening in YOUR LODGE.

On Saturday, September 5, 2015 Waco 92 will be hosting a Grand Master workshop on Masonic Education. Please put that date on your calendar. The workshop will begin at 9am. Our own RW Brett Carroll, DDGM of District 61-C, will be in charge at the workshop. You can learn more about the workshop at our August stated meeting, as RW Carroll will be making his second official visit.

Hope to see everyone in lodge this month.

Fraternally yours,

Tom Waden, Secretary

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