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From the East Greetings, Brethren. My apologies for the delayed message this month. As you may have guessed, May will be another busy month. We have three EAs in the pipeline; therefore, we will be preparing for Fellowcraft and Masters Degrees beyond that. On May 20th, we will have a […]

May 2017 Newsletter

2017-scholarship-families RESIZED AGAIN
At the April 2017 stated meeting, two of this year’s three recipients of the annual Waco Masonic Scholarships visited with lodge members. $3,000 was awarded to the young Wacoans heading off to college. Will Bennett will attend Texas A&M in Galveston and plans to enter the field of real estate […]

2017 Scholarships

2016 Open House
Waco Masonic Open House This year, we will have our second annual Open House event on May 27 and it will coincide with a Carter BloodCare blood drive. Guests will receive free souvenirs related to our history in Waco and even more historic Waco photos and artifacts will be on […]

Waco Masonic Open House

US astronaut and senator John Glenn waves as he le
Remembering John Glenn When I was a boy, few things stimulated my imagination as much as the “final frontier.” In October of 1998, I was eight years old and I still feel the sense of wonder for outer space that I felt then when I watched John Glenn traveling through […]

Brother John Glenn Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

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From the East Brethren, The month of March has gone by quickly, and here we are with April, a traditional time of renewed life. At our next meeting, we will be presenting three scholarship awards, providing assistance to some well-deserving young people as they blaze a trail into young adulthood. […]

April 2017 Newsletter

historical light
The Historical Light radio show focuses on the importance of researching our individual lodges’ histories and then pursuing creative ways of sharing our lodges’ histories with the public through websites, public events, and more. Their most recent episode, “Digitization of Lodge History,” has the host Alex Powers, a Kansas mason, […]

Waco 92 Member Interviewed for Kansas Podcast

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From the East Greetings, Brethren, Another month has passed and like the month we are now in, we must march forward. The past month wasn’t especially busy, compared to the previous ones, and provided us with a chance to catch our breath. March, however, is already shaping up to be […]

March 2017 Newsletter

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Waco 92 has been busy in many ways so far in 2017. We continued in our annual capacity as the workforce behind Grand Lodge’s coffee shop during the Grand Communication from January 19-21. Masons from all over Texas raved on social media about the bbq we served. Waco 92 also […]

Waco 92 Kicks Off 2017

2017 Grand Lodge officers elected and appointed
February 2017 From the East Brethren, Another month has zipped by; in fact, it came and went so quickly, I am late with this message from the east. January was busy with the Grand Lodge annual communication, and Waco 92 was busy with running the snack bar there. It was […]

February 2017 Newsletter

The Masonic Memorial Temple of the Grand Lodge of Texas 5
How Waco 92 Made Waco the Capital of Texas Masonry The first time a Grand Lodge session was held in Waco was 1857. Waco 92 members such as the legendary Joseph Speight and early Texas doctor William Oakes were on the hosting committee and the event was so successful that it became a […]

Grand Lodge in Waco