Master’s Messages

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From the East Greetings, Brethren, Another month has passed and like the month we are now in, we must march forward. The past month wasn’t especially busy, compared to the previous ones, and provided us with a chance to catch our breath. March, however, is already shaping up to be […]

March 2017 Newsletter

2017 Grand Lodge officers elected and appointed
February 2017 From the East Brethren, Another month has zipped by; in fact, it came and went so quickly, I am late with this message from the east. January was busy with the Grand Lodge annual communication, and Waco 92 was busy with running the snack bar there. It was […]

February 2017 Newsletter

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From the East Brethren, I hope that all of you have had a pleasant holiday period and a chance to rest refresh yourselves. At the time of this writing, another year has ended, and a new one has begun. Last year was a busy one even to the end of […]

January 2017 Newsletter

christmas freemasonry
 December Newsletter “Of These, the Greatest is Charity“ Greetings, brethren. December is already upon us, and this is arguably our busiest season! We are ringing the bells this Saturday, December 3rd, which is a long standing tradition. At the time of this writing, there are still slots from 4PM to […]

December Newsletter

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From the East Brethren, November has arrived and we are staying busy with our lodge activities. We just raised a brother to the sublime degree of a master mason. By the time you read this, we will also have passed a brother to the degree of fellowcraft. Added to that, […]

November Newsletter

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From the East Greetings Brethren, I have meditated recently on the section in the monitor that describes how our ancient brethren served their masters; this is as relevant today as it was in times of antiquity. Freedom, fervency, and zeal. The order of these concepts is no accident, in my […]

September 2016 Newsletter

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From the East Greetings Brethren, I hope you all have had a good summer so far, and that you and your families are doing well. We have had a busy time at the lodge so far this summer also. By the time you read this, we will have already conferred […]

August 2016 Newsletter

Letter from FBI sent to Waco 92, signed by Hoover
From the East Greetings Brethren! Last stated meeting was a lot of fun. A Baylor student presented his essay on allegories that won a scholarship from our lodge and he turned in a petition for the degrees in Masonry as well. Brother Chris Landry, Past Master of Perfect Union #1 in […]

June Newsletter

Bro. Spann presents Bro. Khoury w/ 60 year award
From the East Hello Brothers of 92. I am truly writing this “from the East” this time as I sit in Baltimore Harbor on the east coast where I have been seeing some early American and Masonic history this week. Just outside my window is Maryland’s historic Grand Lodge building […]

May Newsletter

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From the East Brethren, Spring is here and with it comes new life at the lodge! The discussion about our building has moved forward and the brethren decided to put a new roof on Quebe Temple. This decision was in made prior to discussing any other options and it was […]

April in the East