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red triangle 2
I recently came across an image that caused me to take pause. It shows a box full of wedding rings pulled from the fingers of people on their way to gas chambers in Nazi Germany.  When I was a kid, my father took us to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. […]

Forget Me Not: Masonic Victims of the Holocaust

Ladies Honored by Waco 92
At our lodge’s February stated meeting last night, we were joined by several of our beloved lodge widows and a couple wives. Past I Master Tom Waden presented each widow with a rose and reminded them that they are loved dearly by our membership while paying tribute to the memories […]

Ladies’ Night at February Meeting

Stage Middle Distance
Starring country singer-songwriter Brandon Jenkins with guests from Hiram & Solomon Cigars, Fossil Bluff Fine Crafts, and our very own artist Brian Broadway, the third annual Waco Masonic Concert was a blast. 300+ attendees made for a full audience and more than thirty masonic lodges were represented. During the show, […]

Third Annual Waco Masonic Concert