Waco 92 Member Interviewed on Fort Worth Podcast 2

Robert Marshall talks masonry on two new podcast episodes, one with Fort Worth Lodge #148 in which the panel discusses many things. Thirteen of the topics:

1. Are there ghosts at Waco Lodge?

2. Being a younger guy in an older fraternity

3. Some notable members in Waco Lodge’s past

4. The important of looking back in order to grow in the future

5. Finding motivation in freemasonry

6. Fun finds in Waco Lodge’s archives

7. Why the things that used to interest potential freemason don’t anymore(hint: young guys aren’t as inspired by the fact that John Wayne was a mason)

8. How a member of Waco Lodge famously got away with killing the founder of Fort Worth

9. Why freemasons should travel

10. How to preserve minutes/records

11. More efficient stated meetings

12. The importance of being friends, not just brothers.

13. Waco Lodge’s concert during Grand Lodge in January

You can listen to that podcast by clicking here.


The other interview was with Alex Powers of Historical Light. On a previous episode, how to preserve masonic history was discussed but in this one, Robert and Alex talk about some of the most interesting members in Waco Lodge’s storied past. Paul Tyson, Charles Alderton(Dr Pepper), Lehman Sanger, Buck Buchanan(FBI Agent), and others all feature and you can watch on youtube by clicking here.

About Robert Marshall

Raised to Master Mason 2009 32nd Degree Master of the Royal Secret 2011 Order of the Temple, Waco Commandery 2012 Baylor University Class of 2012

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