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In 2014, Jerry Martin was serving as the Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas and on his request, a video series was produced that explains masonry and what is required to become a part of this tremendous fraternity. In it, Past Grand Master Elmer Murphy explains exactly […]

Can You Be a Mason?

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From THe East Brethren, It is hard to believe October is already upon us! What happened to summer? I recently received a communication from a brother member of the lodge concerning the formatting and style of the request for contributions to the building fund. In short, he said it looked […]

October Newsletter

porcelain dolls
Our Junior Warden Dave McHam’s wife leads Porcelain Dolls. This continues the tradition of Waco 92’s ladies established long ago by women like Bessie Copeland Morris, one of the first female ministers in Waco. Porcelain Dolls is a local ministry focused on reaching out to women who work in the sex industry to […]

A Mason’s Wife Leads Waco Women’s Ministry

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Lodges that Sprang Forth from Waco 92 At several times in the history of Waco 92, our membership has grown to such proportions that it became necessary to release some of our members from their membership at 92 in order to charter new lodges that could better manage the growing […]

Offspring Lodges of Waco 92

Hey guys! Can you name all of these famous masons without using Google to look them up? Click the green PLAY button to get started. You have twelve minutes to name all fifty. I got 36. Let us know your score in the comments!  

Famous Masons Quiz

President Bush with my father in 2001
If you google 9/11 and freemasonry, the never-ending list of absolutely absurd conspiracy theorists flood your browser. Ask any freemason at any level of our organization and they will tell you plainly, the conspiracy theories that surround the fraternity are ridiculous. Freemasons are not ultra-powerful, diabolical deviants seeking world domination […]

Remembering 9/11 as a Freemason

  Ezekiel Bates Lodge #1870 in Massachusetts recently considered the question: Why would someone want to become a freemason today? The answer is not necessarily the same as it was fifty, one hundred, or even three hundred years ago when the first Grand Lodge took form. Freemasonry is an organic, […]

Video: Why Become a Mason?

The 2016 Champion of Christian Service Award, given to Bro. Keith Sanders by Mission Waco
We are pleased to share the news that our Senior Warden, Keith Sanders, received the Champion of Christian Service Award from Mission Waco. Many of you know that Mission Waco is a tremendously valuable organization to the central Texas community. Their mission statement reads as follows: “Provide Christian-based, holistic, relationship-based […]

Keith Sanders Receives Award from Mission Waco

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From the East Greetings Brethren, I have meditated recently on the section in the monitor that describes how our ancient brethren served their masters; this is as relevant today as it was in times of antiquity. Freedom, fervency, and zeal. The order of these concepts is no accident, in my […]

September 2016 Newsletter